Welcome to LMJ stores / One stop Fashion and Beauty store for Nonpariel style and beautiful skin


LMJ is a fashion brand (LMJ BEADS AND BLINGS) and beauty brand (LMJ SKINCARE) both founded by LADYMARISJONES_LMJ. Beauty and fashion being about confidence, self-expression and both works in paralell.

LMJ BEADS AND BLINGS is a one stop fashion store for exquisite handcrafted jewelry, premium wristwatches and other exclusive fashion accessories. Also, a wedding store for Brides / Groom and party guests. LMJ BEADS AND BLINGS with the ability of providing our esteem customer with quality yet affordable fashion items. Our brand pieces are exclusive, handcrafted and elegant works of art inspired by vibrant colors. Our pieces are made from a careful selection of gems, precious metals and premium, non-tarnish gold-filled accessories.

…….Non pariel style.

LMJSKINCARE nurture beauty using the Healthiest and Most Corrective
clinically effective products sourced botanically converted into range of skincare products. Our list of products ranges from scrubs, hair products, soaps, cream, body oil, serum, toner, stretchmark remedy, bath gel, perfumes and beauty needs. Our clinical team consists of Cosmetic Chemist, a Microbiologist and a Botanist. LMJSKINCARE’s operation is guided by the affordability and effectiveness

…….You are beautiful.

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