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Hair growth rescue kit


The sets includes; the hair growth booster and the 0.5mm derma roller.

Using a derma roller for hair growth is fairly simple and similar to any other tool, whether you use it for your skin or for your hair. You have to make sure that you use it well, clean it well and replace it as soon as the signs of wear and tear start appearing.

Step 1: Sanitise after every use

The first thing to do after you have used a dermaroller is to sanitise it with a sanitiser with more than 70% alcohol content. Your hair has a lot of build-up that the dermaroller gets rid of. Not only that, it also has the residue from the oil that you used. It needs to be cleaned and sanitised after every session. This is important because it creates micro punctures. If not cleaned properly, it may cause infections. Make sure you clean it well after every session.

Step 2: Apply oils

The million-dollar question: how to apply oils while using dermaroller for hair growth? Well, for starters, you absolutely do not apply these directly to the appliance. Use cotton balls to apply hair oils by parting your hair into sections and then massage it a little bit. Then use the dermaroller.


Question : can I go out in the sun after using the derma roller on my scalp.

Answer : No ! Avoid that, wear a hat preferably if you have to go out at all.


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